4 Good Fat Burning Exercises To Melt Fat Away

When most people talk about working out, or the best way to burn fat, a lot of times they are talking about going to some kind of a gym and using all kinds of machines to do various exercises. Although this is a good way to work out, a lot of people either don’t have the time or the money to spend on a gym membership. So I’m going to show you how you can do some good fat burning exercises at home.Good Fat Burning ExercisesExercise #1: Walking
This is the simplest exercise of all but it’s power is often overlooked. To start losing weight, all you need to start doing is walking every day. If you set a goal of 30-40 minutes four times a week, you WILL lose weight. You can burn up to around 180 calories from a brisk 30 minute walk. It might not be the fastest way to lose weight but it is a dependable one if you have to patience to stick with it. Combining walking with a healthy diet will allow you to lose weight at a quicker rate. Another way to speed up this process would be to walk for longer periods of time or to walk at a faster pace. And one of the best things about walking is that it is not a big intrusion on your lifestyle.Exercise #2: Jumping Rope
This is one of the most simple, yet extremely effective exercises you can do at home. Jumping rope is a tremendous calorie burner. You’d have to run a mile in under eight minutes to burn as many calories as 15 -20 minutes of jumping rope. This is one of the good fat burning exercises because it is good for increasing your cardiovascular fitness level and gives you a full body workout. Even though your body is doing a lot of work, jumping rope is easier on your knees and joints than either running or jogging, as long as you are jumping with and landing your toes, not using your heels.Exercise #3: Step Aerobics
Another of the simplest exercises you can do at home would be step aerobics. You don’t need to attend one of those fancy step classes at a gym, all you really need for this workout is some stairs or a sturdy box to step up on, such as a milk crate. Depending on the intensity and pace at which you step, you can burn anywhere from 200-300 calories from stepping for 30-40 minutes.Exercise #4: Running
The last exercise that you can do without a gym is to simply run. Running is another effective way to improve your endurance and get your heart rate going so you are able to burn fat. If you begin running daily you will greatly increase your bodies metabolism which will cause you to burn more calories throughout the day. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend running until you can run for 25 minutes. Between 12 and 25 minutes is the window of time where the greatest number of calories of fat are burned.Following even just one of the above good fat burning exercises will start to put you on the right track to losing unwanted fat. To start off, just pick one of the exercises and stick with it. Given a little time, you WILL see results.

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